I’ve Improved A Lot

I have been coming to Positive Changes for about 4 weeks. Although I have not quite reached my ultimate goal, I will say I am on the right path. I feel like myself again and I am energetic and happier than I have been in years. I am tackling projects at home and at work with enthusiasm and determination. I am enjoying time spent with my spouse and children more than ever. I feel happy with myself and more accepting. Life is getting better and better each day. Thanks to Positive Changes.

- B.H., Hamilton, Ontario (nurse)


Back to Normal

Since starting hypnosis for anxiety, I feel like I’m getting my old self back! I’m smiling again! I have a positive outlook on life and feel motivated to do all those things I enjoy and more. It feels good to feel calm and relaxed. I had forgotten how. I can’t wait to get started with the quit smoking program. Thank you Positive Changes.

- Wendy B., Burlington, Ontario (Letter Carrier)


Worth the Experience

I am very happy with my decision to come to Positive Change. From the first session I enjoyed the experience and shortly after I began to feel the positive effects it was having on my life. I'm feeling more confident and relaxed, at peace, healthier and happier. The hypnotist not only exceeded my expectations but also exceeded what I had hoped to achieve--giving me benefits that will last for life.

- Robert S., Hamilton, Ontario (Window sales & Installation)