Get Rid of Unwanted Behaviours & Form Positive New Habits

Is it really possible to change your habits? It might be tempting to think of the things we have always done as a permanent part of who we are, but hypnosis makes it possible to get to the root cause of habits we wish we didn’t have—as well as add to our lives the positive traits or behaviours we wish we possessed!

Whether you want to stop a behaviour, such as nail biting, teeth grinding or hair pulling, or add a new one to your life, such as increased self-esteem, improved public speaking skills or enhanced sports performance, hypnosis provides a way to bypass your conscious mind and introduce new concepts or beliefs to your unconscious mind. Unimpeded by the conscious mind, which is normally present to filter and reason through information that our brains receive, it’s possible to suggest new ways of thinking about the behaviours you either want to be rid of or want to acquire. And that’s how change—positive change!—happens in you, getting you that much closer to the life you have dreamed of.

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